Goolge Apps for small businesses

Google is on track to build competition for Microsoft Inc’s office product line. They have introduced hosted version of Gmail, Google talk, Google calendar, and Page Creator as Google Apps. Right now, these Apps are targeted towards Small to Medium businesses and might expand to bigger organizations later on. Setting up an account with Gmail Apps is simple. Just submit you domain name and answer few questions and you will get an invite in your gmail account and you are all set. First 25 user accounts can be created for free and you need to pay after that, although i didn’t see an option to pay. The best part is you can also chat using Google Talk, which will counter the IBM Sametime in coporate world. All i need now is a free version of webex or and i am all set to collaborate.
Personally I have been using these Apps for couple of my domains and pretty satisfied right now although Om Malik seems to have reservations due to privacy issues, which offcourse are valid and will determine the future of this service. My basic requirements were web-based solution with spam control which i got for free. Below are some screenshots for the service. Overall, another of Google’s nicely package app.

Google Apps


4 Responses to “Goolge Apps for small businesses”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Nifty tools and updates for the day Says:

    […] Some of these feature have been not rolled out to the ‘Google Apps for Domain‘ users. Also if you have trouble getting the new features to work, try Shift+refresh in IE and Ctrl+Shift+refresh in Firefox to refresh the JavaScript. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » IBM goes for the holy dip Says:

    […] Microsoft has already added social features to Sharepoint in last November, while collaboration products from Google are shaping up slowly. I think we should see addition of Blogger, and Bookmarks into Google Apps within the next few releases. In case you guys missed, few days back there was a good discussion going on at APC regarding Gmail vs Exchange. Besides the writeup, some of the comments point the direction in which hardware and IT people will like to go as compared to what Microsoft and IBM want to sell. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Docs integration with Google Apps this week? Says:

    […] Google in planning to add Google Docs and Spreadsheets into its Google Apps offering sometime this week, according to Infoworld. This is going to be the first major upgrade for Google Apps for Domain service since its launch almost 6 months back. At this point there is no news whether Docs and Spreadsheets themselves will get new features added. Also, will Google Powerpoint killer get to see light of the day this week? […]

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    […] Ever since the launch of Google Apps last year I had moved my email and documents to the Google service and also made a switch to Google Personalized page for the gadgety love. In the ensuing months Google Gadgets team has been going through number of feature releases to make the offering much more attractive. Along all these releases and upgrades few annoyances and product integration delays are getting to bother me. […]

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