Movietally – your movie collection

Another Tag vertical is in the market – Movietally provides platform for user to organize their movie lists as well as share with other users. You can learn about popular movies, get recommendations, and find other people with similar watching interests as you.

Features: Movietally seems to be building on their feature set, which are very basic as of now. To begin create your own movie collection, you need to signup for a Movietally account. You can search for movies by names or tags. Users get option to add movie to their collection of add movie to their see list. When you add a movie to you collection you can assign new tags, and optionally write a review. For any movie you get stats like “x people recommend the movie” or “y people saw the movie”. You can also search for other users and peek into their movie collection. You can also subscribe to other members movie collection and will get notified when they any updates. One of the better features is that you can get RSS feeds for Recent Movies for a Tag or Updated Movies for a Tag. Movietally also provides tag clouds for Recent Movies, Tags …

Issues: Movietally has feature called Recommendations, which are supposed to be the movies recommended for you. There is no logic provided for the algorithm behind generation of this list.

Deprecated: There is no support for Movie Cast and Crew, unlike IMDB or Yahoo Movies or Rottentomatoes. Maybe Movietally hopes people will use tags for cast and crew. In that case there are going to have good number of tags for each movie. Also users cannot really rate any movie, so you need to rely on recommendation and number of people watching to figure out the best.

Suggestions: While searching for movie and if it’s not in Movietally database, you get a message that movie was not found. It will be much better if you get a form to add the movie to collection there itself. Ajax-suggest searching for movies and tags will add lot of appeal to the site. There should also be way to sort movies within collections.

Future: Movietally still needs to really define the structure for the site so that users have better sense of direction before they start churning of creative content. Hope they also have moderation feature to prevent spam and typos while movies are getting added to the database. Movietally is just starting at a game which was mastered long back by IMDB. It will be interesting to watch their plan in the web 2.0 world.


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