Oddpodz recieves half-million dollars funding

Social networking site for creative people, Oddpodz , had recieved half-million dollars funding. Oddpodz located in Tampa, Floarida was founded by Jocelyn Ring and Karen Post .

Oddpodz will be a brand for creatives. The word Oddpod (plural, Oddpodz) will become a noun describing a unique, creative person. Oddpod nation is community of independent doers, free-range thinkers and non-conformist change agents who make significant contributions to create a better world.

Oddpodz’s site is mostly under construction with main focus areas being the Marketplace, Play, Brain Juice, Vent, Museum, and Odderations. Most parts of the site are pretty abstruse and heavily focused towards people with creative and artistic interests. Oddpodz has branded store, The Odditeaz� Store, which sells T-shirts and are planning to upgrade to a full marketplace consisting of select merchant offering odd and uncommon products. Oddpodz Museum will be the networking area for creative characters to share and colloborate. To learn more about Oddpodz head over to their blog.

Oddpodz Blog

Oddpodz Home

Odditeaz Home


One Response to “Oddpodz recieves half-million dollars funding”

  1. karen post Says:

    Glad you heard about us. Check back in about 90 days the very cool network stuff comes out of the oven then. We are building as fast as we can and having a blast doing it. Appreciate the post! from kpost.

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