Picaboo get $1.95 million funding

Picaboo, provider of photo book creating software, has received $1.95 million funding from CampVentures and Odyssey Capital. Picaboo was founded in September 2002 by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy and is based in downtown Palo Alto, CA.

Picaboo is a downloadable application that runs only on Windows XP machines. You can import yours photos into Picaboo, create albums, and order prints of those albums from Picaboo website. Picaboo provide number of different themes for albums like – Baby, Collage, Catalog, Cotemporary Portfolio, Travel, and more. While editing photo books, you can modify picture background and layout, add soundtrack, zoom in-out, and rotate. These photo books can also be shared among your pals where they get a link to your book which can than be viewed in a browser. Picaboo’s user interface is well laid out and easy to understand. On the negative side, Picaboo does not connect to external websites and import images for you.

You can order softcover or hardcover (linen, leather, suede, metallic) photo books from the desktop client itself. Softcover medium book costs $9.99 and Hardcover Large book costs $29.99, both of which include 20 pages. You can have 160 pages at most in a book with additional page being $1.99 each.

As of now Picaboo is running a promotion where if you order a Large book, you get a Medium book for free.



2 Responses to “Picaboo get $1.95 million funding”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SharedBook - feed UGC to get printed books Says:

    […] Picaboo and Blurb are couple of other startups providing similar products. […]

  2. will julian Says:

    How do I add soundtrack and be able to hear it when I publish to the web.

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