Motionbox closes $4.2M Series A round of funding

Motionbox, the video sharing service that lets you share you favorite moments instantly, announced today that it has closed a $4.2M Series A round of funding. This round was lead by Canaan Partners, SAS Investors and ITOCHU CORPORATION of Japan.

Motionbox has partnered with NBC10 and plans to bring together distributors of traditional media and a new generation of personal video creators. Basic features are same as any other video sharing site. You can upload video, add tags, description, set privacy (public, private), and similar features. You can join a Group to pool your videos with other Motionbox users with similar interests as yours. Motionbox allows 100 MB video files to be uploaded.

The innovative part is that the Motionbox Player lets you scroll through any video, highlight your favorite moment, and share it instantly. This is something on which another startup Jumpcut was working on. Motionbox also allows its users to email videos from their cell phones to “videophone” email address provided for each account.

Competition in the web-video space is really intense, with some heavily funded players having a big lead over late entrants like Motionbox. It will be interesting to watch whether technology enhancements are able to attract customers to newer players, or these sites end up being the front-end for traditional media.


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    […] On the whole, AdMixer technology is a good application of what other startups like Jumpcut and Motionbox have been working on. Maybe Yahoo is also looking into building branded communities, which can be one of the reasons for acquiring Jumpcut last month. […]

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