SpiralFrog signs agreement with EMI

New York city based music download site, SpiralFrog, has signed an agreement with EMI Music Publishing, to make available legal downloading of advertising-supported songs from EMI’s vast catalog via SpiralFrog’s service. This is second agreement for SpiralFrog in a week, first being with Universal Music Group.

SpiralFrog is claming to recapture the customer demand that has been hijacked by online piracy. I always thought p2p networks like kaza and napster made us more aware of music around the world, which we might have never discovered.

SpiralFrog’s CEO, RobinKent, thinks that customers will be definitely attracted towards the high quality downloads offered by SpiralFrog as compared to the poor song quality and spyware on p2p networks. This combined with the advertising-supported business model will be a win-win situation for customers and the music industry.

It is difficult to fathom that people will be interested in listening to ads before each song when they hate the same on radio after every 2-3 songs. Either way this will turn out to be a nice experiment that can change the music industry.


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One Response to “SpiralFrog signs agreement with EMI”

  1. TechAddress Says:

    For a company profile on Spiral Frog please visit http://techaddress.wordpress.com/2006/09/06/profile-spiralfrog

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