Launch: Access your PC from mobile phone using SoonR

SoonR and Opera Software today announced introduction of mobile AJAX application that will enable users to have instant remote access to their PCs from mobile phones running Opera Mobile browser.

“Opera’s mobile AJAX-capable browser enables a second wave of mobile applications and brings SoonR’s core architecture to the forefront of simple mobile access,” said Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO of SoonR. “AJAX-based applications are fast, easy to use and work on a wide range of mobile handsets.”

SoonR’s mobile AJAX application will be available for mobile phones running Opera Mobile browser version 8.6 and above. SoonR’s new functionality includes Remote access to PC, ability to retrieve documents and pictures that have been optimized for your handset, desktop search from your phone, and ability to convert file formats. To use the application you will have to install the SoonR client on your PC, set the folders you want to share, and keep your PC running while you’re out. SoonR client will automatically detect and enable these search tools and allow you to search from your mobile phone. Best part is that no software needs to be installed on your phone.

You can also search for files on you PC, using search tool from Google/Yahoo/X1/MSN desktop which are installed on your PC. Opera Mobile supports wide array of mobile which you can checkout here. Only downside is that Opera Mobile cost USD 29 which I think will be roadblock for viral user adoption of a great piece of software.

Using SoonR users can also connect to Outlook on their desktop without synchronization where they can check and respond to emails, get access to contacts, and check/share their schedule remotely. SoonR had already announced the feature where users can Skype call their buddies from their mobile phone.

According to Opera Mobile page, Nokia 770 is one of the supported devices. I will try getting the app running on my Nokia 770 later today and update with results.

Update: Yesterday i did get a chance to access my PC from Nokia 770, which comes preinstalled with the Opera Mobile browser. Soonr worked perfectly and i was able to share and view documents on the handheld. You can view and zoom images, view data from documents, ……..You can even search for files on your pc from the handheld if Google Desktop Search is running on your pc.
Opera Mobile

Soonr on Opera Mobile

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    […] Opera had also launched mobile AJAX application in partnership with SoonR that enables users to have instant remote access to their PCs from mobile phones running Opera Mobile browser. […]

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