Launch: BT Launches social media network BTPodShow

BT has launched an online social media entertainment network BTPodShow that will provide Video and Podcasting content for its UK customers. The site, called BT PodShow, is being launched in partnership with US-based PodShow, which was launched in early 2005 by Ron Bloom and Adam Curry.

“There is an untapped resource of truly creative people out there, it is about much more than just user-generated content clips,” said Ron Bloom, the chief executive and founder of PodShow.
“BT PodShow is being driven by an audience desire to consume on their own terms. We are also providing a platform to promote new talent who may otherwise struggle to find recognition – there is simply no way for traditional media to provide the choice that the audience craves.”
The idea is that the site will grow to become an entertainment hub featuring established artists, mainstream media outlets as well as individuals and independent producers.

According to the agreement advertising revenues will be split between BT and PodShow. BT also plans bring legal content creation to online video industry which is dominated by Youtube where lot of unlicensed content is used in user generated video clips. BT has created a new BTPodShow will be using the Podsafe Music Network technology developed by PodShow to enable users to legally be able to use content from a range of artists and companies in their own clips.

BTPodShow also wants promote content creation by users using an element of “social reward” where clips and content that proves popular accrues “credits for recognition”. Besides this, best content on the site will appear on a section called “The Show”. The site will have audio and video shows in “channels” that can be subscribed to by the users via their own “online media center”. As of now users are able to create ids on the BTPodShow and upload audio or video content but not much information is provided how it will proceed from there.

BTPodShow is another venture in a series by big broadband and media companies who want to capitalize on the boom created by social networking/media sites like MySpace, Bebo, and Youtube. Just yesterday NBC had announced launch of their new video aggregation site Viacom and BBC are also looking enter the game by either to buying social networking sites, while MySpace also plans to build video aggregator monster to counter threat from YouTube. Overall exciting times in social networking and media with big dollars at stake.


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3 Responses to “Launch: BT Launches social media network BTPodShow”

  1. chris Says:

    Hey man, great post! Just for clarification I thought I would let you know that this is not an accurate statement…

    = = =
    “BT has created a new scheme called Podsafe Music Network, where users will legally be able to legally use content from a range of artists and companies in their own clips.”
    = = =

    PodShow created the PodSafe Music Network over a year ago and it is independant of BT and BT PodShow. It has been a tremendous success for podcasters looking to have music in their shows and really great for the artists to get exposure as well


  2. vivpuri Says:

    Correction made. Thanks!

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » BTPodshow enables user video uploads Says:

    […] From today BTPodshow users will be able to upload video content to their accounts located at the site. I had written about BTPodshow last September, which is a socialnetworking+media sharing startup launched by BT in partnership with PodShow. […]

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