Jajah introduces cheap Conference Calling

Jajah has launched a new conference calling product that allows users to schedule and initiate cheap conference calls in an easy-to-use online set up. Jajah is aiming to signup businesses, small enterprises, families or circles of friends who need to organize their social life.

Users can set up a conference call on the fly by adding phone numbers on the Jajah site. Once all the numbers are in there, Jajah calculates per minute price of the call. Jajah has zone based rate structure with USA, and Canada being in Zone1. For regular calls Jajah-Jajah user calling is free but that does not apply to conferencing, which means there will a charge of .025 cents/minute/user for people located in Zone1/2. Jajah users also have options to schedule conferences, set reminders, create contacts and groups.

I personally arranged a conference call using Jajah and would rate the quality of service as excellent. To start, Jajah first calls the moderator of the conference and after confirmation, calls rest of the attendees. At most 10 people can attend the conference. One big advantage of Jajah is that none of the users attending the conference are required to have long-distance plans, since Jajah will be calling the users. However one issue with Jajah conferencing is that people cannot join a conference call that has already been initiated.

Earlier this week, Yahoo had announced near future rollout of Yahoo Messenger Conferencing plugin. It will be interesting to see what options, pricing, and quality Yahoo will offer.

Jajah Conference calling help

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3 Responses to “Jajah introduces cheap Conference Calling”

  1. Startup Squad » Blog Archive » Vapps adds power to Skype conferencing Says:

    […] Vapps had earlier announced conference calling feature for Yahoo IM which I had discussed here. Besides Skype and Yahoo, Vapps also powers Gizmo Project’s conference calling feature. Jajah had also introduced conference calling for its users but is not a free service. […]

  2. Domain name, hosting, search, registration & free domain Says:

    […] StartupSquad Blog Archive Jajah introduces cheap Conference One Response to ‘Jajah introduces cheap Conference Calling’ Subscribe to comments with RSS or TrackBack to ‘Jajah introduces cheap Conference Calling’. […]

  3. Conference Calls Says:

    t’s a basic long-distance call for everyone and it beats the
    alternatives of trying to bridge five three-way calls
    together to get 15 people onto a conference call doesn’t it?

    Not to mention all the valuable features we offer including conference
    call recording, online conference management and easy host dial-pad controls
    to name a few.

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