Funding: ClickCaster gets $500K

ClickCaster has raised $500K in Series A round of funding from angel investors Brad Feld, Neil Robertson and Jerry Colonna. Brad Feld has taken up position of Chairman at ClickCaster. ClickCaster is one of the best solutions to create, license, and publish podcasts as well as subscribe to your favorite podcasts. ClickCaster that had launched late last year is based out of Boulder, CO and is headed by Scott Converse.

ClickCaster has introduced combination excellent features to the world of Podcast creation and publishing. Users can create and manage multiple podcasts from the same account. ClickCaster enables recording of podcasts from the browser itself. Users can also upload podcasts (audio/video) or just write a blog post. The recorder is developed in java, which is supposed to provide better audio quality as compared to Flash based recorder. ClickCaster has developed extensive encoder capabilities using which it can take up any file format and convert it into a standard format whether audio or video (mp3, flash, M4V). As of now, users don’t have the facility to edit the files on fly but this is all going to changes according to Scott Converse who said that ClickCaster would provide the functionality to edit and mix 2 or more tracks to help generate professional Podcasts.

If you want to monetize your podcasts, ClickCaster will help you do that. You can sell individual episodes or as weekly/monthly/yearly subscriptions for any price you like (no lower than $0.99 per episode). ClickCaster revenue sharing model is that it will pay you 50% of the amount collected for your podcast. The other 50% goes to ClickCaster to cover up their costs. In near future, users will be able to add audio or video ads into podcasts that will also have the revenue sharing angle to it. ClickCaster also allows you to apply appropriate license in order to license the content of your show. The best feature for content creators is the ability to view various stats for shows including Total downloads, Feed Views, Subscribers, Earning, and location of visitors.

To enhance the publishing feature set, each user can customize his/her podcast page where they can set the color combination and upload an image for their podcast. Users can also embed a customized ClickCaster player into their Blog/MySpace. ClickCaster works on both Internet Explorer 6.x and Firefox 1.5+ on windows, while they are working on supporting Safari.

On the subscription side, you can browse and search through ClickCaster directory or use Tags to quickly navigate and subscribe to your favorite shows. This enables the users to automagically receive any new episode of that particular show. ClickCaster has developed an excellent piece of software “Podcatcher” that is used to download and sync shows with your computer or ipod.

ClickCaster is planning to play a bigger role in Podcasting market and establish itself as the leading Podcasting Platform. They will be introducing social networking features to their site and also provide team support for professional users. They have already entered into partnership with few mobile operators in China where they will provide Podcasting content over mobile. ClickCaster also has plans to offer their product in the form of “Software as a Service (SaaS)” for a small monthly fee. As for enterprises they with be introducing a Podcasting Appliance. From the revenue side, ClickCaster hopes to have positive cash flow in another 6-9 months.

Lets see where ClickCaster stands next summer.


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One Response to “Funding: ClickCaster gets $500K”

  1. Scott Converse Says:


    Great article on us! Thank you! One thing we noticed that was missing was a description of our primary business model. We plan on being the best podcasting platform for private/white label use available anywhere. Our primary market is providing podcasting platforms for other businesses. We make money three ways: revenue share deals, SaaS offerings and premise based podcasting server appliances. We have several partners that we’re currently developing with now. Our public site, focused on consumers, is a form of development lab that we use to determine what features work best and how to support them in a 99.99 % uptime environment. The consumer market, although important for us long term, is secondary for us at this time.


    Scott Converse
    President & CEO
    ClickCaster Inc.

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