Use Jyngle for group text/voice messaging

I think Jyngle is a smart and interesting product with varies usability. Jyngle provides a free, mobile and online messaging service that can automatically send out mass text and voice messages. Jyngle, a product from Brevient Technologies, is based out of Milwaukee, WI. Jyngle team consists of 5 people lead by Brevient CEO Matthew Lautz himself. Jyngle has come up quite with a quite a few interesting use cases where Jyngle can prove to be very effective and useful. Jyngle aims at helping large groups of people to easily share information.

There are probably a million reasons you would want to message the people you know. For instance, Jyngle makes it easy to call your entire soccer team to tell them practice is cancelled or message all of your friends reminding them of your party this weekend.

I gave Jyngle a try and it worked pretty well except for couple issues which were quickly resolved by the Jyngle team. In order to send out messages you need to setup your contacts. For each contact you need to provide a contact number(home/work/cell), and Jyngle service calls the user to confirm the addition. You can arrange your contact into groups and send out messages to these groups or else the individual users themselves.

Jyngle Team has put in lot of thought into the way messages can be sent out. You can send messages to your contacts through voicemail or sms and set a time when the message needs to be delivered. If you want to send out voice messages you can upload your prerecorded message or enter text, which will than be converted by Jyngle into voice message or use Jyngle’s automated system that can call you take your message. In case you don’t have access to PC, you can dial 1-877-6JYNGLE and follow prompts to record and send the message. After sending the message, Jyngle displays the status of sent messages with success/failure notifications. You also have option to download your sent messages in case you want to use them again.

Jyngle came out of private beta on August 25th and is now open for new user registration. Jyngles’ current revenue source is driven by Google Adsense, which won’t be much I assume. Jyngle is working aggressively towards building Enterprise focused API. During my chat with Matthew he mentioned that a version called MixRunnr is being released next month that is a WebService API. With the introduction of new service Jyngle will allow other developers and companies to integrate with Jyngle’s Voice and SMS distribution network easily and without having to create the structure or infrastructure. Overall I think idea and implementation by Jyngle is simply the best.


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