Fox launches

Fox, News Corp’s TV network has launched new online television network earlier this month. The launch has been rather low profile with not many users tuning in to the shows. MyNetworkTV will provide 12 hours of programming Monday through Saturday including short drama series airing Monday to Friday, with weekly recaps shows every Saturday. In related news Warner Bro. and UPN launched their revamped site with a similar agenda. Earlier NBC had announced availability of their shows on

It’s pretty clear that after Youtube stole the show, none of the established networks want to be left behind. But does it mean they will be able to compete and get back the attention of YT generation? I think with the current set of offerings where the old media puts everything from TV on Web and Mobile wont be enough. YT brought the concept where users can be viewers as well as content creators, they can interact and comment on clips they like, they can be heard and appreciated. Whereas Media0.0 networks are like a big bully who want you to think and move in a particular direction.

Media0.0 didn’t realize that viewers don’t want to watch their regulated stuff. There was always lot of energy and innovation in the viewers that had to be tapped. That’s the law of Physics. May be Media0.0 missed that class, while YT got it right. Rules of the game have changed and Media0.0 should realize that. Throwing channels from TV to web won’t help the matters. Something like BTPodShow should have been a better idea.

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3 Responses to “Fox launches”

  1. zubeda Says:

    when do you replay the epesodes

  2. veronica Says:

    I can’t find out what channel on my directv it is I live in the florence- darlington sc area please help me find the channel.

  3. Cathy Says:

    I have Dish Network. Can you tell me where to find your channel? Thank You

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