Funding: SoonR gets $6 million


SoonR has received $6 million Series A round led by Clearstone Venture Partners with participation by Intel Capital and private investors. SoonR enables mobile phone users to access information from their PC’s using various tools. Core products from SoonR include SoonR Desktop, SoonR Talk, and SoonR Organizer.

SoonR Desktop was launched last week with partnership from Opera. This is a mobile AJAX application that provides functionality of Remote access to PC, ability to retrieve documents and pictures that have been optimized for your handset, desktop search from your phone, and ability to convert file formats. Check my post regarding this launch.

SoonR Talk enables users to call their Skype contacts from mobile phones. SoonR Organizer allows mobile users to access Outlook on their desktop without synchronization.

SoonR business model is an unproven one, but idea and implementation are stupendous.


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4 Responses to “Funding: SoonR gets $6 million”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Skype on Nokia early next year Says:

    […] We have already seen startups like Fring, SoonR, EQO offering Skype calling from mobile. However each of them have seen limited uptake ’cause of one or more reasons. Fring requires a data plan to enable calls over the data network that are really pricey in US, while SoonR and EQO want you to be near your PC when you are making your calls. Skype plans to counter these issues by offering a Skype mobile client that is powered by WiFi connection. In terms of feature set, Skype is looking to go a step further by integrating the Skype and phone contacts(I wish Google did this for Gtalk on BB). […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » 24access: mobile-pc bridge gets funded Says:

    […] Soonr is another startup doing PC-mobile hookups including WebEx integration, and ac cess to data stored on PCs. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Access your docs "AnyTime" with SoonR Says:

    […] Last time I had written about SoonR was when it had secured $6 million funding. Since than, SoonR has been working on getting the “Powered by SoonR” sign on more number of places besides its site. Last year they entered into few very significant partnerships with large telecom companies including Tata Indicom, Swisscom, and enterprise webmeeting service provider WebEx. This has taken the weight off the shoulders of the startup and not to look for quicker ways to monetize its product and better concentrate on providing a good user experience. SoonR service is now used by users in over 200 countries operating over 500 different types of mobile handsets. In addition to that SoonR since its launch 1.5 year back has securely encrypted and stored over 150 million files for its users to access from their mobile. SoonR along with EchoSign, WuFoo, CentralDesktop, and SmugMug, Pando are some of the startups to learn from – great products backed by good monetization strategies. They haven’t experienced viral growth, but each of them is on a steady upward curve. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Now access your MacMail on mobile via Soonr Says:

    […] Links:SoonrFunding: SoonR gets $6 million Tags: […]

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