Free podcasts on mobile phone using Fonpods

        Fonpods wants you to listen to your podcasts without installing applications or downloading anything on your Mobile phone. Well, how can you do that? Just call Fonpods telephone number (712-432-3030) and you can access all your favorite shows instantly.
      To get started with Fonpods, you need to register at the site, and start adding you favorite podcasts/shows to your account. Whenever you want to listen to your show, just dial in the number provided to you in the registration email, navigate to the right podcast and you are all set. Voice quality seems to be pretty good, but will still depend on your wireless connection. This service is not limited to your cell phone and can also be accessed using your landline. So no need to sit next to your PC or sync your iPod every night.
      I think this is an interesting concept as compared to what other startups and wireless providers have been trying to do, although with a big drawback. You still use you airtime minutes on the wireless plan. So either you keep a check on how much you listen to, or dial in during your free airtime minutes.
Earlier this month I had written about Mobilcast, which streams podcasts onto mobile phones. However for Mobilcast to work, an application has to be installed on mobile phone, which might not work on all handsets, and also cost $3.99 to $4.99/month depending upon your carrier. So, which option is the best? Personally I am undecided. Maybe Fonpods can workout a deal with wireless carriers to provide unlimited calling to Fonpods number for $10/month. Or, users can use free SkypeOut calling through SoonR on mobile to get to Fonpods.

Fonpods will be demoing their product on DEMOfall next week.


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