Microsoft looking to offer Web-based Office Products

According to news report from Reuters, Microsoft is looking to offer web-based Word Processing and Spreadsheet visions to counter threats from Google and other startups. These productivity tools from Microsoft will be free, and ad-supported.

Alan Yates, general manager of Microsoft Information Worker Business
Strategy, said the company will consider many options to woo
entry-level users.
“We’re also thinking about how we might take advantage of new business
models like advertising and other payment models, as well as new forms
of distribution,” said Yates.

This news is soon after the successful integration of Writely into Google product line, which was completed this week as I had written about before.

The most formidable opponents to Microsoft product line include Google Writely, Google Spreadsheet, and EditGrid Spreadsheet. All three teams have been working very aggressively since late last year to develop free web-based productivity tools that attack Microsoft’s main source of revenue, Microsoft Office. Most of the users, with the availability of free non-Microsoft tools that don’t require installation, upgrades, and data backup, might not be looking to go for Microsoft Office 2007, which releases next year priced at $150 or more depending on the options.

Reuters News link
Google Spreadsheet

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2 Responses to “Microsoft looking to offer Web-based Office Products”

  1. Jonas Says:

    MS is falling behind I think… But with their amount of cash I think they can catch up either by developing or simply buying up the competition :). Beta 13 of EditGrid has been released. Check out my post for added features and a link to a complete review.

  2. Euroffice Says:

    Thank you for this excellent article, I think in the near future most of the operating systems and software will be web based, however for start they will be free to use then people will charged for using them.

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