eBay into social networking – Launches MyWorld

eBay has launched new MySpace like social networking feature called MyWorld. MyWorld will replace the user profile page at eBay.

MyWorld page for each user will contain user profile, image, biography, blog, reviews, feedback, rating, and item listing. You can add image to your profile, edit and show your biography, add posts to your blogs. Blog post can be tagged and you can subscribe to RSS feeds for blogs. MyWorld page can also be customized by rearranging the modules.

There is no support for modifying background colors or setting background images as of now. I didn’t see an option to add other users to your network either.

Currently eBay users can edit their MyWorld page. From next month each user profile will take you to his/her MyWorld page.

This is a nice move from eBay, but at a time when the market is inundated with social networking sites. I feel eBay will have tough time growing in such a tight market.


eBay MyWorld

eBay MyWorld

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One Response to “eBay into social networking – Launches MyWorld”

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    […] Last year eBay had implemented some of its own ideas about social networking but they seem to have been put on backburner for now. […]

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