Walmart Social Networking site shuts down

Walmart has shutdown its crappy social networking site The Hub. The Hub was supposed to be competing with MySpace and provide a safer place for young people to interact. As it stands right now, the idea never clicked and instead got beat around in the blogosphere. Walmart should better stick with what it does best, instead of trying to be a media mogul. Most of these experiments by big corporates are bound to fail sooner or later.

Below is what shows up at The Hub, before the page redirects to


The Hub

The Hub

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One Response to “Walmart Social Networking site shuts down”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Disney gets late to the party Says:

    […] Just as every other startup tries to be bit different from what MySpace does, Disney wants to target kids. The venture will have the usual social features around networking, chat, and video, with additional parental controls built in to control access. Last company that tried this and failed miserably was Walmart in its The Hub venture. […]

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