Yahoo sets up partnerships to gain search market share

Yahoo has been busy setting up partnerships to spread the usage of it Yahoo Search. Recently Yahoo has setup partnerships with HP and DoCoMo (Japan’s biggest wireless carrier) to provide search services to their users. Besides Yahoo Search, DoCoMo also has Google search enabled on its mobiles. HP will preinstall a co-branded Yahoo/HP Internet toolbar on HP computers and make Yahoo the default search service in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 7 on HP consumer desktop and notebook PCs.

Yahoo has been lagging behind Google in the search business by a big margin. According to last months report from Hitwise, Google had 60.29% of the search market share while Yahoo had 22.58%.

In another Yahoo related news, yahoo will begin testing of mobile-based advertising in the U.S. and the U.K. Google and number of other startups are trying to establish themselves early on in the mobile search market. Google has already started testing mobile Adwords testing about which I had written before. Other major players in this area are 4info, AdMob.

Earlier Yahoo has reported delays on Yahoo “Project Panama”, which is supposed to compete with Google Adwords.

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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yahoo Mail and IM on Nokia phones Says:

    […] Yahoo has been pretty active in the mobile area lately setting up partnerships and launching products to gain early ground. Among other deals, Yahoo had recently launched it’s advertising platform to deliver ads on Yahoo Mobile and signed agreement with DoCoMo to provide search capabilities to it’s mobile customers. […]

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