Revver launches API

Among the all the ruckus generated by Google & Youtube deal, we missed the launch of Revver API. Last week Revver announced public availability of it’s API, which provides full access to the Revver library. Developers can now create dynamic video-sharing sites with features like user accounts, uploading, sharing tools that can distribute and syndicate Revver videos.

To lead by example, Revver team built on the API. Revver API works with most of server-side languages and frameworks including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, and .NET. Click here for a quick look at a sample white label site created using the API.

Revver has got good reviews all around ’cause of its revenue sharing plan with the content creators. Revver adds an unobtrusive advertisement to the end each video. Whenever anyone clicks on that ad, Revver does a 50/50 revenue split with the content creator. Sites like Revver are among the very few who want to go the revenue sharing route. Most of the companies create applications where they want users to create content and keep back the big money generated. Sites like Yahoo Answers and Youtube are prime examples. Personally I don’t feel motivated to post anything on either of the sites.

Revver API

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