Track your workouts on Verizon Wireless

BiMLast month Verizon Wireless integrated BiM Active into its mobile service that enables its users to track their workouts. BiM Active application from Bones in Motion uses GPS tracking technology to enable people to track and store their workout stats including mileage, split times, caloric burn, and elevation changes right from their mobile phones. Users can also share their running route information from cities around the country using BiM Active. BiM provides the ability to upload their workout stats to their personal online BiM account which is a data store for their workout history.

Users can get BiM Active on various Verizon phones including Samsung SCH-a930 and SCH-a990, LG Chocolate (VX8500), Motorola V325, RAZR V3c and RAZR V3m. BiM Active can be downloaded and installed from Verizon Get It Now virtual store. BiM has a strange pricing plan that costs $9.99 for monthly access, but costs $1.99 for 24-hour use purchase. BiM Active service was already available to Sprint users since February.

BiM Active
Bones in Motion

BiM ScreenShot

BiM ScreenShot



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