Zubka to revolutionize job search

Zubka has developed an interesting approach to recruitment process. Instead of trying to be a Job board or a Job aggregator, Zubka aims to use referrers to hook up recruiters with potential candidates. To match the position with the prospect Zubka is providing a financial motivation for referrers to introduce their friends and colleagues to great jobs. Zubka founded by David Shieldhouse and Armando Ruffini is based out of UK but does not limit the site by geographical locations.

Zubka plan is simple- Referrer should get paid for his effort, Employers should get a great employee, and Prospect should land the perfect job. To get started with Zubka, you can either register yourself as a Referrer or as a Recruiter, both of which are free. Once you are inside Zubka as a ‘Referrer’, you can search for jobs and send any matching jobs to your Prospects. Prospects can be created on the fly or you can choose from your list of prospects, which you had sent email to previously. Once the job requirement is received by the prospect he/she can accept the requirement or just ignore it. If the prospect accepts to be submitted for the position, it will show up on your Zubka account page and you will be able to send the Prospect information to the hirer/Recruiter. While sending the information to hirer you can provide summary and details about the prospect. If the complete hiring process goes through successfully Zubka will reward you normally between 6 and 8 per cent of the starting salary of the prospect. 

For Recruiters, Zubka can be cheap option to post jobs as compared to Dice or Monster. You can buy various packages at Zubka with the cheapest costing only $450 for 10 postings which will show up for 4 weeks on Zubka.com. Recruiters can buy job posting credits according to the number of jobs they have or by the duration of time they need to advertise for. As soon as Recruiter saves and publishes these jobs, they will be available for ‘Referrer’ to search and recommend appropriate candidates. Any prospective candidates information sent by the Referrer will show up on Recruiter profile page from where they can accept the matching candidates and go on to arrange an interview.

Zubka has a great plan in place for getting users to signup quickly. As as ‘Referrer’ you can start introducing your friends(Contact), to Zubka. Whenever your ‘Contact’ referrers a prospect successfully, you will receive 5% of the referral award the ‘Contact’ receives. Zubka is also motivating charities to join by introducing  Zubka platform to their membership database for which charity will get paid on similar terms.

Overall typical fee breakdown is: Zubka gets 10% of the starting salary of the prospect. Out of this 80% goes to ‘Referrer’, 5% to ‘Contact’, and 15% to Zubka.

From the feature perspective Zubka site has been designed very well with the ability to save search results, ability to quickly send jobs to prospects, set job email alerts based on keyword, complete message history and many other features. However there is no support for RSS and you need to depend on email alerts to get information about new jobs.

I feel Zubka has pretty good chances of success if it can get the ball rolling on either the Recruiter or Referrer side. 




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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Zubka’s job referral engine gets millions Says:

    […] I had written about Zubka’s Job Search and Referral engine when it was just starting off in October and noted that it has “pretty good chances of success”. Zubka is already getting taste of that in form of Series A round of investment from Benchmark Capital Europe. Although exact financial terms were not disclosed, Zubka is supposed to have raised significant amount of cash. You can read my previous post to get details about Zubka’s recruitment process. Bottom-line is: signup for an account and refer as many as people possible before someone else does, since all the money revolves around how many people you can get in […]

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