Spodradio – Mobile podcasting startup gets funding

Benchmark Capital Europe and Baytech Venture Capital have injected $10 million in Spodradio, a worldwide radio and podcast hub for mobiles. This was a Series B round for Spodradio, who had earlier received $2.4 million in 2005 from Baytech a Munich-based VC firm in Series A. Spodradio will be using the funds to expand into international markets and develop new services. Spodradio, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is headed by serial entrepreneur Mikko Linnamäki who had previously founded Buchungsmaschine AG, a real-time travel booking engine, which was acquired by Travel24.com in 2000.

Spodradio enables mobile operators to deliver exclusive content and software application for handsets. Users get access live radio from both FM and Internet radio stations, and in future will be able to access personalized radio services and on-demand radio. To get started with Spodradio you need to download and install an application on your mobile phone which is around 650 KB in size. Currently Spodradio supports most of the Symbian based phones including Nokia N90, N70, N72, 6682, 6681, 6680, 6630, 6620, 6600, 3250 and 3230. Spodradio service by itself if free but you need to have an unlimited data plan on your mobile since Spodradio streams over data networks.

Few players in US are also working aggressively in the mobile podcasting area. Fonpods and Mobicast are couple of companies I have written about working on mobile podcasting.




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