Google to source Prudential Real Estate listing

Google has entered into partnership with Prudential Real Estate to provide its property listings and agent information through its search. Google Real Estate right now is available through Google Base, but I am not sure if lot of users are actively using it currently. Real estate data from Prudential California/Nevada/Texas Realty, which has about 5,000 agents in 139 offices, will be available at Google Base. I ran a quick search and was able to locate few Prudential properties in Google Base, although I am sure if Google went live the integration.

Earlier in May 2006 Prudential had done similar deal with Yahoo, allowing its users to search for Prudential properties from Yahoo Real Estate site. Since than Yahoo has gone live with the integration, which practically forced Google to follow suit in a highly lucrative market.

Online Real estate search has seen quite a few motivated and funded startups including Zillow and Redfin with innovative business models. Big players like Google and Yahoo still have a long way to go to establish a comprehensive plan around online real estate. Being just an aggregator of MLS listing won’t help in bringing down closing costs.

Google Base Real Estate search



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