Trumba hikes price, changes focus group

Trumba the web-based calendar company has increased the price for monthly access to $99.95/month. The price increase comes as part of new strategy by Trumba where they will be focusing more on larger organizations and businesses as compared to individuals. Trumba is phasing out Trumba Basic and Trumba Professional and all the new users will have to signup for the new plan, Trumba Connect.

Trumba Connect gives those customers tools for publishing and promoting their events online and connecting those events to the personal calendars of their viewers. Our goal is to help these customers increase event awareness and attendance.

Some features offered by Trumba are great, but for individual users the price jump is not justified. Trumba was one of the first players in the web-based calendar space, launched in late 2003. Trumba was founded by Jeremy Jaech and Ted Johnson and Peter Mullen who had previously co-founded Visio.

There are quite a few other players in the market including Airset, Calendarhub, Planzo, and Vivapop who are targeting individual users. Most these apps haven’t shown much activity since last year and should be experiencing high user defection rate ever since the launch of Google Calendar. I think for most of the users, Google or Yahoo Calendar should satisfy the basic everyday requirements that makes existence of standalone calendar apps difficult. Also in case you already using other services from Google or Yahoo you will have to login into one less application. Novel features like being able to call and create events(from Vivapop) won’t help the matters in long run.

Update: Some existing Trumba customers seem to be really mad at the new pricing plan. Checkout the comments on Trumba blog at ‘Today We Turn’. From Jeremy’s comment, I don’t see much hope of Trumba rolling back on the price hike.




8 Responses to “Trumba hikes price, changes focus group”

  1. Jeremy Jaech Says:

    Trumba isn’t for individual users any more. We made that decision last March. I agree that Yahoo and Google Calendar are good individual web calendars. Visitors to our customers’ websites can select events and add them directly to those two calendars, along with several others.
    You don’t use the same tool to create a pdf file as you use to read it… same thing here. Our customers use Trumba to create customized, navigable online event listings and their viewers use a personal calendar to hold the events they care about–and we make it easy to get the events from the website to the personal calendar.

  2. vivpuri Says:

    Jeremy, thanks for your comment. I understand the direction Trumba is headed in, which seems like a good decision for Trumba as an company. Most of the web-based apps are like retail banking which never makes money for banks but is good for consumers who want cheap or free service.

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » TimeBridge launches and announces $6 million in funding Says:

    […] I think TimeBridge solution is especially important with the emergence of an increasing global workplace. At any given time, your invitees can be located in different timezones with US, or India or China or any of the EMEA countries. Sitting out there and trying to figure out, which time suits best for everyone is a real pain. I think the TimeBridge is the right solution that comes at the right time. However we have seen earlier in the case of Trumba that scheduling/calendar software market is not an easy one to crack. We will on watch for how TimeBridge executes its marketing strategy. […]

  4. Jim Cutrell Says:

    Famundo, offers a viable solution for those groups looking for an alternative to Trumba. It is free and they have an import for Trumba data. They also offer most of what Trumba ofers.

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Involver readies personalized event search Says:

    […] From the integration standpoint, Involver is another of the recent startups that has integrated 30Boxes for the calendar side of things. With Kiko long gone and Trumba changing directions, in the short history of web-based calendars I have seen 30Boxes going many more places than Google Calendar which hasn’t seen as much traction with the developer community. I think not many people saw this coming. […]

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