Veeker launches beta – Mobile videos to MySpace

Veeker today announced launch of their mobile-to-Internet service that enables users to easily share their mobile videos with one another. Veeker calls this instant video communication as Veeks. Veeker, founded in September 2005, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

To get started with the free service from Veeker, you need to send a video from your mobile through MMS to and you are set to share your veeks with your friends within 60 seconds. Your veeks can be viewed at, and on other media sites, including MySpace, Xanga, and Blogger, using embedded codes. You can create connections with other veekers to share you VeekFeed. For each of your connections, you will be able to view their VeekFeed in your Veeker, and their Veeker will contain your VeekFeed. Veeker provides various options to set the privacy levels for your videos. You can set which users can view a particular video while sending the MMS or at Viewing options can also be set according to Groups having one or more of your Connections.

I think Veeker has a good potential and catch on quickly with social networking sites. Only thing I don’t understand is why startups like Veeker try to limit the number of users signing up for their service. Currently if you want to register for Veeker account either you have to send a veek to or someone needs to invite you to Veeker. I think they should open the membership to everyone initially otherwise they will be missing out on the early adopter crowd. Maybe some of these users after looking at the Veeker site might sign up for a mobile data plan.




One Response to “Veeker launches beta – Mobile videos to MySpace”

  1. Startup Squad » Blog Archive » MyWaves - Share videos from mobile Says:

    […] Unlike Veeker, which I had profiled last week, MyWaves service is currently open to any US and Canadian cell phone user. To get started with the service you need to submit your phone number at MyWaves site to receive the password through SMS. Once inside MyWaves, you can view video clips from the channels shared by other users in the MyWaves lounge. Lounge gives listing of videos from the newest channels, most viewed channels, and sponsored channels available at MyWaves. […]

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