SKIPI – Free Skype based call center

SKY-click, the provider of Skype based call center launched a new product SKIPI. Skipi is aimed at small companies and communities who can take advantage of free calling service of Skype and call center type setup from SKY-click. Using Skipi you can add customized buttons to your website or blog or in your email signature to enable customers/people to contact you easily.

To get started with Skipi you need to add the Skype IDs of your users who can be contacted through Skipi. You need to keep in mind that for other users to be able to contact you, you will need to have your Skype Me mode enabled in your Skype client. After that you can choose your personalized Skipi buttons or upload your own images. Skipi gives out 2 scripts one of which can be placed at your website and another in the signature of your email and you are all set with your call center.

I didn’t try out the service myself, but as it seems Skipi system will take care of routing the incoming calls to the available person. Also Skipi has not mentioned if there is any limit on the number of users that can be added to a single account.

Overall, Skipi is great service and will be well received by the Meebome crowd who were looking for a multi-user voice option. Best part is — Skipi is a free service.

Earlier SKY-click had launched its Pro service which enables Skype based call center with reporting & analytics on Call Volume, patterns and conversion rate. SKY-click call center solution has been integrated with and can be interfaced with any CRM tools through their API.




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  2. Devon Rowlison Says:

    what is the best dialer to use for a call center

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