PowerReviews portal — customer reviews by keywords and ratings

PowerReviews has been working on developing a new way for organize customer reviews. Instead of using the regular search box to locate products and then checking out reviews, PowerReviews organizes information around words and phrases created by consumers. So if you want to search for digital cameras at PowerReviews sneakpeek portal, you can jump right onto the Digital Cameras category and start refining your results by the pros and best uses that suit you needs. You can quickly come up with a result set which contains digital cameras that have “Great Resolution” and are also “Rugged”. These results can further be narrowed down by sub-categories, brands, and product rating to come up with the most suitable product.

I think this is an amazing new way to research products online. Usually when we are looking for a particular product type all we have in mind is a broad set of features we need.  We don’t really have a list of products and models to choose from. To come up with that list we need to consult our family and friends, and search on Amazon or related sites for reviews of these items. PowerReviews drastically reduces the times required to come with a list which has the product, and models, having the features you require.

For each product review, PowerReviews also indicates if the reviews have been written by a verified purchaser. So how does PowerReviews know whether the reviewer really purchased the product? Well, for that PowerReviews banks on it’s original business model. PowerReviews currently provides customer reviews services to multi-channel retailers. Instead of retailers going out and building their own product review and rating  system, PowerReviews offers them its enterprise-class review service. This service, which is provided for free by PowerReviews, helps attract more customers through the PowerReviews aggregated review network. Retailers are easily able to integrate the customer reviews as a fully managed service from PowerReviews, with no downtime. Current PowerReviews customers include TicketsNow, Adorama, Abt Electronics, Sam Ash, and Mountain Gear.

While the reviews for a particular product are available to the participating retailers, they are stored at the PowerReviews severs(unless retailer chooses a PowerReviews stand-alone install). As PowerReviews works on building its retailer network, they are also working on building this customer review portal, which will take advantage of the customer review data collected.

I don’t know how quickly the idea will click with the consumers, but it does look promising. PowerReviews co-founders Andy Chen and Robert Chea, who have more than a decade of experience in building products in the web-domain, will make sure that the plan works. Andy and Robert had co-founded Fogdog.com in 1995 and went public in 1999. For this venture, PowerReviews team had raised $6.25 million in funding from Menlo Ventures and Draper Richards in February 2006.

PowerReviews Sneakpeek



4 Responses to “PowerReviews portal — customer reviews by keywords and ratings”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Boorah - natural phrased local search Says:

    […] Powerreviews is another startup currently in private beta that enables search by customer review keywords, which I found to be very effective as compared to regular search or category browsing. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SimplyHired - Jobamatic’s Problamatics Says:

    […] PowerReviews does something similar but for product reviews. It is a fully hosted/SaaS solution to enable commenting on products located on your e-commerce site. What do you get from the service? – 100% uptime, network effect, and best of all it is FREE. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » BooRah NLS search goes for first partnership Says:

    […] BooRah, the natural language based local search engine, has announced a partnership with Embarcadero Publishing Company. Embarcadero has around six local weekly newspapers and Palo Alto Online. As part of the partnership, BooRah will be powering the local restaurants search section of Palo Alto Online. With this integration users will have the ability to search for to more than 15,000 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area in addition to more than 800 restaurants in the Midpeninsula. Besides being an online destination, BooRah is modeling its service somewhat like PowerReviews where online media sites can easily drop-in the hosted review module to attract wider audience. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » PowerReviews blows away Amazon reviews Says:

    […] PowerReviews, about which I had written and referenced number of times before, has finally gone live with its product reviews portal now branded as Buzzillions. From the few minutes I spent playing with the site, I would say PowerReviews has the potential to get Amazon customers hooked onto Buzzillions that is powered with the huge number of reviews for majority of the products. […]

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