TravelPost to be acquired by Sidestep

, the travel search site, will be announcing the acquisition of today. TravelPost provides user written reviews for hotels, hotel directory, and user travel blogs. The exact financial terms for the deal have not been disclosed.

SideStep, founded in 1999, searches for best travel deals across various sites including Orbitz,,,, SideStep till date has raised $17M in funding from Trident Capital and private investors. TravelPost, founded in January of 2004, had raised more than $1 million in see funding last year. TravelPost investors include Amicus Capital, and Arba Seed Investment Group. Travelpost claims to have 700,000 monthly visitors which seems bit hard to believe if you go by the Alexa graph below.

I think SideStep can be better off in spending its resources to compete with upstarts like or, instead of trying to merge the Travelpost and Sidestep content. Providing RSS feeds like Farecast can add more value to Sidestep instead of this deal.




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