Pre-paid credit card service gets venture funding

 Benchmark Capital Europe and Atlas Ventures has invested €20 million into which provides pre-paid credit cards in Europe. 3V pre-paid credit cards or 3V Vouchers enables consumers to shop wherever you see the VISA logo. 3V, launched in 2004, has already done deals with Irish Life & Permanent and Visa Europe.

Obvious advantage of using 3V vouchers is that no credit checks or bank references are required. You can easily buy 3V voucher from any of the participating payzone retail outlet. For each 3V voucher you buy there is a £3.50 fee. Once you are out of funds in your 3V Voucher you can just throw it away and buy a new one. Customers can always view their transaction history on the 3V site


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    Interesting stories in this site. Great tips for me to think about

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