Jellyfish does Woot with a twist

Yesterday Jellyfish launched a new program called Smack Shopping Deal of the day. Every weekday at 1pm EST, Jellyfish will put a new product on sale until they have exhausted their stock. Woot users can easily recognize where Jellyfish is headed and will cry out…… But there is a twist to Jellyfish’s Smack Deal. As soon as the Smack Deal of the day starts, a cash back counter at Jellyfish increases the cash back savings each moment until the product is sold out.

I didn’t follow the iPod Nano Smack Deal yesterday, but according to Jellyfish site iPod Nano starting at $149 was discounted to about 70 cents per minute until all the 100 iPods were sold out.

Jellyfish to close $5 million funding round soon

Smack Shopping Deal

Jellyfish deal in progress


One Response to “Jellyfish does Woot with a twist”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Koodos - Branded products at great prices Says:

    […] As for comparison purposes, Koodos might sound like Jellyfish Smack Deal of the Day or Woot, but differentiates itself by offering more than one high-end branded products at the same time. From the web site perspective, I think Koodos does need lot of work in terms of user experience and overall checkout process to bring it more in-tune with web20 world. Again till the time consumers are able attain significant savings, UI improvements can be put on back-burner. […]

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