Netscape uses Userplane to gain ground over Digg

There are no hard facts to ascertain whether Netscape has been able to gain ground over Digg, but still Netscape has more plans rolling out to make sure Digg doesn’t enjoy the party by itself. Netscape will soon sport a static chat room powered by Userplane. AOL had recently acquired Userplane, which provides hosted webchat services to sites like Friendster, and Netscape is looking to foster more collaboration and discussion among its members the service. While the users will chat around a particular topic, top stores will keep on getting updated to enable users to move on to newer topics.

          It is not yet clear if Netscape chat users might be able to influence the top stories in any way. Also I don’t think that users will be able to chat on per news item basis. Personally I feel that if discussions are allowed per news item on the front-page, they can get tagged to the news item just like comments, which will give the site a very dynamic effect.

       Users will have to be logged into Netscape before they can chat and chat room will have anchors to make sure no one is abusing the system. I hope this doesn’t end being a free-for-all!



One Response to “Netscape uses Userplane to gain ground over Digg”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Weezu - chat on every web-page Says:

    […] Weezu is another startup offering chat services for users located on a web page. Earlier I had written about inCircles widget based messaging platform and Netscape’s use of Userplane to provide similar chat services. Besides these we also have Me.dium, which is currently in private beta mode, offering a Firefox extension to enable communication on a particular or similar webpage. […]

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