Free Ad-supported Mobile calls in Europe

Former president of Nokia has co-founded a new startup, Blyk, which will provide free calling in European countries from early next year. Calls though free will be ad-supported. Blyk based out of Finland will be rolling out the free mobile phone service initially to consumers located in Britain before spreading out to other countries in Europe.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO Pekka Ala-Pietilä said, “We have been talking to a number of major brands and agencies about the opportunities to reach and engage with the 16-24 year old market via Blyk. We are going public now to invite all creative marketers and advertisers to join us in shaping this exciting new channel.” Co-Founder Antti Öhrling continued, “Our Blyk business model brings a fresh approach to the entire industry. We’ve assembled an outstanding and energized team to make this innovation a reality.”

Blyx will be looking to provide targeted advertising according to users interests. To get started with the service, users will have to fill out a questionnaire detailing personal  interests. Blyk will than send out a SIM card offering an as yet unspecified number of voice minutes and text messages per month. It is not yet clear whether the adversting will be served in form of SMS based messages or audio messages as in the case of FREE411.

It seems everyone wants a share get of the advertising revenue boom started by Google. Companies from Microsoft, Yahoo, Spiralfrog, Amazon, and Blyx, all want to be part of the bash as long as it lasts. It will be interesting to watch how these services rolls out, especially in the case of Blyx and Spiralfrog.



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  1. Blyk Blog Says:

    For more information about blyk, check out Blyk Blog at blogspot.

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Admob’s dream run continues Says:

    […] Let’s look at some quick calculations. Current ad-impression numbers from Admob – more than 1.6 billion ad impressions served. Considering all of them to be CPC based(Admob does CPM too) with a high enough CTR of 4% and averaged out minimum earnings for Admob after 40/60 split being 2 cents/click gets them $1.28 million in revenues. Not bad at all for a startup just that is in the year 2 of it existence. However I think the above talked about CTR is pretty high. Should be somewhat in the range of 0.6 – 1.0% for most of the publishers. That slashes Admob revs by almost 4 times. This makes the returns not big enough for likes of Google to come in fulltime. Web, TV, and Radio where billions of dollars are involved are still far better targets instead of investing resources to build a advertising platform and culture from the ground up. Looking at these number I wonder what plans does Blyk have around ramping up its ad revenues for the free but ad-based mobile service that is is launching in Europe sometime this year. Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Ad-support mobile service Blyk does MVNO deal Says:

    […] Blyk is learning to take the first steps that can change the mobile industry. The Finland based startup today announced that it has signed a MVNO deal with Orange. The two companies have entered into a wholesale agreement regarding the transportation of voice and data traffic across the Orange network. Blyk was founded last year and is headed by the former President of Nokia Pekka Ala-Pietilä and  plans to provide free-ad supported mobile calling. Target age group for the service is 16-24 year olds while advertisers lined up for the service includes Buena Vista, Coca-Cola, I-play Mobile Gaming, L’Oreal Paris, StepStone and Deal with Orange or one of the other mobile carriers from UK was imminent ’cause UK is the first country where the service is supposed to be rolled out sometime this year. […]

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    […] Related Blyk @ mobile service Blyk does MVNO dealFree Ad-supported Mobile calls in Europe Tags: […]

  5. links for 2007-11-14 « thebadtiming Says:

    […] StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Free Ad-supported Mobile calls in Europe (tags: mobile mvno blyk nokia) […]

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