Qipit offers a competing service to scanR

Qipit, a service from Realeyes3D, enables users to convert images of their documents into PDF format. Users can take images from their camera phones and send them to Qipit through MMS or email. When you email images to Qipit service,  you also have option to send a copy of the PDF generated to other email addresses and fax numbers. On the Qipit server side, it’s service quickly converts the images to documents and uploads to your account at Qipit. The service also emails the document to you and send a confirmation message on your mobile for successful delivery of the message. Besides being able to send images from mobile, users can also upload images directly from their pc. 

Users are free to try out all the features at Qipit before it launches its new services plans on November 15th. Qipit’s basic service plan will offer space for 25 pages on the online Qipit account. Qipit will also be launching their Premium plan which will offer mobile upload of pictures for Qipit processing, space for storing 1000 pages, and unlimited emailing and faxing of Qipit digital copies.

Earlier this year scanR had introduced the concept of being able to upload and convert images to PDF from mobile. If you compare the scanR and Qipit features, scanR does seem to offer a better platform right now. scanR service can converts images of whiteboards, documents, and business cards to PDF. scanR already has an application that can be installed on Symbian, PlamOS, and Windows Mobile based devices. Besides this, you can easily add the scanR gadget to your Google personalized homepage. scanR has also added integration Salesforce, Jigsaw, and Plaxo to enable you to easily send contact information from your scanned business cards to any of these services.

I think if you are not a heavy user of image->mobile->PDF type of services, either of these services is good enough. For heavy usage, scanR definitely has an edge over Qipit in terms of the features offered. But this can change soon since a new release from Qipit seems imminent.



3 Responses to “Qipit offers a competing service to scanR”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Snaptell - Comparison shopping goes mobile Says:

    […] I never love the last minute doubt about whether I got the right deal on my gadget or not. Well, Palo Alto, CA based Snaptell is going to get rid of this hitch with its new mobile based comparisons shopping service. All you need to do is take a picture of the product label and send it to Snaptell to get more pricing options via SMS message. Not an entirely original idea but definitely smarter one as compared to 4Info price check that can sometimes take 2 rounds trips to get the product pricing. To me it seems more like a mashup of QuipIt/ScanR and 4Info. Anyway, if you don’t have camera phone, you would be able to go the 4Info route, which is texting, to get the price. […]

  2. Jef Says:

    Have you tried Snapter. It is a desktop software that allow you to do th e same thing but without having to send and wait to receive emails of your photos from the third party.


  3. Ivan Says:

    There is another mobile competitor to scanr and qipit.

    Have you tried comombo? It’s a mobile phone app that does the same thing.

    Here you get processing directly on the phone – the quality is the same, and the size is reduced 90%. This lowers the data costs 20 times in comparisson to scanr/qipit.

    You can then email as PDF or fax.

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