Quintura – Visual search engine startup gets funding

Visual search engine company Quintura has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Mangrove Capital Partners, Luxembourg. Also, Quintura officially launched its Visual Find Engine today that supposedly delivers better search results using advanced Neural Networking techniques. Quintura, headed by Yakov Sadchikov, has offices in Alexandria, Virginia, and software development operations in the Moscow.

“Our team approached the problem of finding Internet-based information and entertainment from the standpoint of the user” said Yakov Sadchikov, co-founder and CEO of Quintura. “We strived to build something that made it as easy as possible for the user to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible. We also wanted to make the user experience very visual and more enjoyable, so we built in visual navigation technologies that are more appealing to users.”

Quintura search works in different way as compared to traditional search. When you search at Quintura, it comes back with a Quintura Cloud that enables users to visually navigate and easily refine their results to find relevant information faster and more efficiently. As you scroll over the result tags, Quintura automatically refreshes the results window with the relevant results for the new tag. Quintura also highlights related tags and provides the ability to select multiple tags to obtain precise results.

Quintura delivers both web and image results and you can easily switch back and forth between the tow result sets. You can also easily bookmark, save, and share the search results obtained. Quintura had initially launched a desktop search client  earlier this year, which is available at Download.com.



3 Responses to “Quintura – Visual search engine startup gets funding”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Quintura confirms funding from early Skype investor Says:

    […] I just got an email from Yakov Sadchikov, CEO of Quintura where he confirmed that they have raised a significant amount of venture capital from Mangrove Capital Partners of Luxembourg, ABRT Venture Fund, and the partners of OpenView Venture Partners of Boston. Mangrove Capital was one of the early-stage investors in Skype. This investment is also the first ever made by a Western VC in an Internet company from Russia. I had written about Quintura few days back which provides a visual search engine that works using advanced neural networking techniques “We have found the team of Mangrove being a visionary investor and very intelligent partner in developing our consumer driven Internet business.” said Yakov Sadchikov, co-founder and CEO of Quintura. “We plan using the venture capital to take the Web by storm and reach millions of web users globally when launching the Quintura visual find engines for various user communities. We are also starting an affiliate program for most popular web-sites and blogs such as Digg, Netscape, and others where they can easily make their current tag clouds very interactive.” […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Quintura upgrades; Now searches videos, Amazon Says:

    […] Quintura, the visual search engine whose funding news had spread around from StartupSquad.com last year, has released a new version of their See & Find™ concept based platform. With the launch of this new release, Quintura has introduced the ability to search videos and products at Amazon. Quintura is currently using the Yahoo Video search to power its video search, and obviously hitting the Amazon API for other addition. […]

  3. Harnish Says:

    Well honestly i don’t leave feedbacks,but this blog post is really unique,i was googling about it for so many times now and it is the first time i don’t argue with anyone that speaks about this.
    Congrats you’ve earned my respect

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