Anothr sends RSS feeds to Skype

Anothr is smart new service that provides RSS feeds right to your Skype client. You just need to add to you Skype contacts to get started. Basic functionality to add, remove, and list your is pretty straight forward. Anothr currently does not support folders or searching through messages.

The reason I am writing about Anothr is that it lets you set RSS Timer for your feeds. So if you have huge number of feeds to monitor, and want to give priority to couple of them and want instant notification of new content items(as soon as the server gets it), Anothr seems to be the best solution. This is not possible with tools like FeedDemon, where all the feeds get refreshed by the server at a set time interval that you don’t control.

Feedcrier is a similar service for AOL IM client users.



3 Responses to “Anothr sends RSS feeds to Skype”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Zaptxt now sends alerts to Skype too Says:

    […] Anothr(only Skype) and Feedcrier are couple of other services in the same space. […]

  2. becky Says:

    We are seeing many of our users subscribing to the RSS feed with anothr!

    We suspect videos like this may be the reason why:

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Anothr now sends RSS alerts to Google Talk Says:

    […] Anothr, the service that delivers RSS feed to IM, has now integrated its service with Google Talk. Anothr had started off last year by delivering alerts on Skype, about which I had written before. Advantage of using Anothr over a similar service from ZapTxt is that you can manage your feeds from the command line whereas in ZapTxt you need to use the web interface. However ZapTxt is more to offer than just IM alerts and delivers full feed and keyword based alerts to email and via SMS. In fact since the last time I wrote about Anothr, the Chinese startup has also launched its web-based service that gives you more options to manage your feed in case you don’t feel comfortable with the command line concept.  […]

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