ChipIn launches beta

ChipIn today launched beta version of its newly redesigned product that comes after an year in development. ChipIn’s makes it easy for people to collect money easily online. ChipIn service provides widgets than can be embedded onto most of the popular sites including MySpace, Blogger, and Tagworld, or you can create your own page at ChipIn and pass around the link, or you can put it right onto your site. ChipIn site provides the ability to create quick and easy campaigns+widgets, and management of your campaigns+widgets created.

Will write in detail about it soon.

ChipIn beta


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Palm’s new hire; DowJones+IAC; XTract funded; Umbria builds Tribe Analysis Says:

    […] DowJones+IAC: WSJ’s parent company DowJones today announced that it is partnering with IAC/InteractiveCorp to build a consumer facing personal-finance website/toolset. Dave Kansas, an editor at The Wall Street Journal and former editor-in-chief of, was named president of the new venture. From the initial details disclosed I don’t expect a Intuit like tool based web offering, but rather a content mashup similar to what Yahoo has been doing lately. Plans are to pull in finance content from various DowJones publishings including WSJ, MarketWatch, Newswires and IAC’s Lending Tree et al. Personally I think web-based personal finance space is still wide open for innovation. Till date I have come across very few startups, except for Wesabe, Zopa, Prosper, and ChipIn, making some kind of headway. […]

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