Microsoft to launch Virtual Earth tomorrow

Microsoft is getting better at playing the catch-up game. Tomorrow Microsoft will be launching its Virtual Earth, a competitor to Google Earth. Taking time to launch Visual Earth gave Microsoft the advantage to learn from Google’s mistake. Instead of having to install a separate client, as in the case of Google Earth, Microsoft is offering an composite map+3D Internet Explorer based application. 3D views will be available at Live Local for 15 cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and Dallas. 

 An important feature from the perspective of generating revenues from the service is that advertisers will have the ability to display ads within the maps with virtual billboards above buildings or on the side of roads. Microsoft will also be opening up their API to enable developers create mashups using Virtual Earth.

Downside: Visual Earth will work only on Internet Explorer. I think Microsoft needs to give up the IE only approach till the time they recapture the important early adopter market share from Firefox.

Live Local



One Response to “Microsoft to launch Virtual Earth tomorrow”

  1. NightOwl Says:

    Here is the VIDEO of virtual Earth

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