3B adds personalized avatars to it’s 3D World

(Broad Band Browser) which has been around with is offering of a virtual world for sometime now, today launched new release of their product(version 3). 3B enables users to choose from the wide range of themed 3D spaces that can decorated and personalized by the user. With the launch of the version 3B users will be able to choose from a range of  personalized avatars. 3B now provides the ability to create and dress their own fully animated 3D characters.

In my talk with Nicky Morris(CEO of 3B) couple of months back she gave me a brief background of 3B. 3B’s team of 15 people has been working on 3B since 2003. The privately funded company has worked hard in developing the technology behind 3B which provides a true 3D experience and is more technically challenging to build as compared to some of the flash based virtual world products. With the release of the new features 3B team will be able to release new features quickly, taking advantage of a solid backend.

3B feature set is very unique in terms of being able to take any photo or web site and view them in a 3D space called 3B Village. Users can decorate and personalize, as well as display their MySpace content, their favorites, and other web pages, including their friends’ web pages, photos and more in am amazing 3D view. 3B users ca invite their friends over to hang out and chat in their 3D space.

To get started with 3B you need to download and install 3B client. Once you are all set, you can start browsing 3B cities or build your 3B village quickly from your favorites. To add content quickly you can hookup 3B to your MySpace, Hi5, Bebo accounts to generate a 3D view of them. When you add your MySpace page to 3B, it picks up all the hyperlinks and makes 3D windows out of them. 3B also enables your fetch and generate 3D views of your photos from your Photobucket or Flickr accounts. Sharing 3B villages is simple and straight forward. Any 3B village created by you can be shared with other user by just sending them the URL of the village.

3B virtual world also has cities where you can hangout and wander around 3B stores. Take the case of 3B Mall where you can virtually view any of the stores locate out there. If you want to have a better look look at all the offerings of a particular store, just double-click the 3D-window and you will be inside the store. I was able to view the GAP store in 3B, with the complete range of their offerings. There are hundreds of other cities in various categories including Travel, Shopping, Entertainment, Lifestyle among others. If you are in a hurry you can take a taxi to move quickly from one location to another.

3B has also developed some interesting ways to monetize their product. Though the villages are free to create and use, 3B might charge small amounts(in cents) for additional features provided by 3B and external partners. 3B will also be placing advertisements on random windows in villages which will be like having Google Adwords in 3D. 3B will also work with businesses if they want to use a village and have web site in 3D.

In future versions 3B will be looking to add more interactive feature like the ability to know in which all villages people are interacting. 3B will also looking to enable editing of villages by multiple users. 3B had been experiencing about 10% user growth per month and I expect that number to increase dramatically with the addition of new features today.

Note: 3B version 3 would be available for download sometime later today.



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  1. vivpuri Says:

    sorry i had to delete you.

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  4. Shane Fitsgerald Says:

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