YouTube in talks with Verizon for mobile videos

It was only last week that YouTube had made its intentions clear about the launch of its new platform for delivering videos on mobile devices by early next year. Now reports(behind WSJ paywall) are emerging that Verizon is in talks with Google/YouTube team to provide YouTube videos to Verizon’s mobile and TV services subscribers. It is quite possible that Verizon might have the exclusive right to carry YouTube videos for a limited period of time.

According to a new article in WSJ, consumers will able to view YouTube videos on their cell phones through Verizon V Cast service and as an on-demand service on TV that Verizon is launching throughout the nation. Verizon has been going through costly and massive network upgrades and lying out fiber-optic lines to better compete with cable companies. This kind of deal will help Verizon take advantage of the new network and give it the much needed edge over its mobile competitors including Cingular, T-Mobile, and Sprint who have been launching various 3G and WiFi services, and also cable providers including Comcast.

WSJ article


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