Sun woos startups with new offer

Amazon web-services combo offer of Amazon S3 and EC2 have been making great waves in the startup world. Companies like, Linden Lab,, and Zettabyte Storage have already been using Amazon web-services in really innovative ways to overcome sudden server spikes and have on-demand access to unlimited storage.

Obviously Sun doesn’t want to sit back and watch the show while Amazon wins all the accolades. As part of a new promotion, Sun today announced the launch of Sun Startup Essentials aiming to lure the startup crowd. Sun is heavily-discounting some of its best production systems, software, and the Operating System to enable startups get up and running quickly.

Juan Carlos Soto, vice president, Technology and Partner Marketing, Sun Microsystems, Inc. said, “Our product and services portfolio, from the Solaris OS to servers to storage, is the best its been in years and we want to extend that power to the next generation of startups.”

Sun will be offering CoolThreads Servers, SunFire x64 servers featuring AMD Opteron processors, and x64 and SPARC workstations. Sun servers combined with the Solaris 10 OS, Java Enterprise System, and other development tools can be the best package any startup can look forward to. Checkout all the product offerings at this link.

Only startups located in United states will be able to participate in this program. Other requirements include – company should be in business for 4 years or less, and have at max 150 employees including affiliates.

According to the press release from Sun, 20 companies have already signed up for the process. If you feel interested click here to go to the signup page.

Sun Startup Essentials


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Wordpress founder’s post gets things rolling @Sun Says:

    […] Couple of months back I had written about a new offer from Sun to startups – Startup Essentials. On 18th January WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg posted on his blog about his time-wasting experience in getting much promised Sun Hardware for cheap from the program. Well by yesterday evening Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems apologized on his blog for the screw-up. I just love these frank conversations in our new web world that connect the right people faster. […]

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