BTPodshow enables user video uploads

From today BTPodshow users will be able to upload video content to their accounts located at the site. I had written about BTPodshow last September, which is a socialnetworking+media sharing startup launched by BT in partnership with PodShow.

At the time of writing my last post BTPodshow was just accepting user signups. Today I found a totally revamped site which enables users to upload/view videos, upload/view photos, create channels, blog, customize background, and many other social networking+media related actions. This combined with the ‘social rewards’ and ‘The show’ features provide a very good mix of features.

However the user-interface of the site is very poorly designed. Default color combination and mouse-over effects really need some help. Also if you are viewing the profile of any user(image below) on a laptop, all you get to see is a large ad, Podshow logo, user selected extra large header image, and the user’s name. To view any content you need scroll down in every case. Similarly profile editing, video upload, photo upload and many more have an arcane look and feel to them.

I think BTPodshow needs to put thoughts in their work if they want to compete with the likes of MySpace and Bebo.

Launch: BT Launches social media network BTPodShow




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