Helicoid provides web-based notepad, timesheets and more

Couple of developers from London and Sydney have been quietly working on providing apps that seems to be shaping up well. Helicoid team till now have launched Helipad, TiktracBasecamp Mobile, Multitap.net and are working on launching another 2 applications Ebiwrite, and Bugtagger. Applications in themselves might not be feature packed but what I really like about the offerings is the clean and consistent, RSS feeds, API access, tagging, and access to your applications through mobile browser.

Recently Helicoid team launched their Helipad application that provides web-based document editing ability. Helipad provides features like document auto-save, textile formatting, tagging, preview, setting account template, and sharing of documents with public. Using the Helipad’s XML API other users can build add-ons or create/update/get/delete their documents. Best part about the application is that you can also edit and view you documents from your mobile.

Another application Tiktrac is a simple timesheets management application. You can start off by creating clients and add timesheets, and tasks using the Ajax based interface. Tiktrac provides easy access to view, edit, close, and search tasks in the timesheets. You can also generate few basic reports like Overall Statistics, Time user/month for each client, Cost per month, Time per-person, and Time per-sheet. You can also add more people to you account and set their access levels. Tiktrac provides monthly views of your timesheets and ability to export them into CSV and XML formats. You can also subscribe to various RSS feeds including open tasks, all tasks, tasks for a spreadsheet, and many more which are password protected. Tiktrac enables you to make changes to few important settings including Time and date format, currency, and linking your existing app to Tiktrac. Other features include API access, mobile access, and ability to set account template. One limiting factor I see is that Tiktrac gives you predefined fields in a tasklist(Ref, started, completed, who, time, done, description). I think users should be able to add their own custom fields are at least able to modify the existing field names, which will make it easier to extend the application. 

Overall I think this is a great effort on part of the Alex and Gabriel to develop these applications in a span of few months.

Basecamp Mobile


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