More FON free offers

Yesterday I got an email from FON offering me a free La Fonera router. Since the promotion is not advertised on the FON website, I think only US residents who are registered members at FON are getting the router for free. A quick check on the FON website indicates that Swedish, Finnish and Danish residents are also being offered the router for free from November 23rd till Christmas. Earlier FON had given out the routers for free to San Francisco residents.

It seems FON has pretty much figured out that unless they have lot of Bills and Linuses they are not going to get their 50% stake from Bills. Assuming that an average La Fonera router costs $10 including manufacturing and shipping, FON can manage to send out 1 million routers for $10 million and still have $12 million remaining from its $22 million funding. I am not sure if 1 million users will be enough to get the revolution rolling but does seem like a good plan. It is still to be seen how many out of these 1 million users will actually become Bills and make money for FON.

Apart from this, last week FON in partnership with Skype and SMC launched a WiFi phone that connects at all FON hotspot around the world. The WiFi phone costs you $159, €139, or £99 depending on your location. However there are few technical glitches right now and you should check the FON blog for more information.



6 Responses to “More FON free offers”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Free La Foneras keep rolling Says:

    […] FON today officially came out with the free La Fonera offer for US and Eurpoean users. From today (21st December) Foneros will be able to invite up to 3 friends to join FON and receive a free La Fonera. Earlier I had written about FON sending out free routers to users located in US and couple of European countries. […]

  2. cRn Says:

    somebody pls invite me, nagyzsoltd at gmail dot com
    Thank you ! 🙂

  3. andy Says:

    Please, if you have any invitation left, send it to me. I’d like to share my 1M connection. Thanks in advance.

  4. Richard Munsterman Says:

    I would love to receive an invite. My email address is

    I will be eternally grateful to anyone who sends me an invite.

  5. MOIN Says:

    For filling in another blank spot on the google fon map send an invite to kopstubber (AT)
    I’ll be a good Linus 🙂

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » FON tries viral videos Says:

    […] In the past couple of years FON has done the hard work to get the big venture bucks and also partnerships to penetrate American and European markets. The market penetration part has been successful in ways FON considers success. Case in point is their La Fonera router give away as part of which the startup claims that it has given away just under 7,000 routers, 5,000 more than they had anticipated. Besides that, effects of the Time Warner Cable partnership will also being to kick in pretty soon. Cumulative effect of the all around effort by the team has resulted in 70,000 FON hotspots popping up throughout US, making U.S. the number one market for the startup.  […]

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