Nokia & Gizmo Project team up to provide cheap international calls


Nokia and Gizmo Project combined to provide Gizmo Project VoIP client on Nokia N80 phones. N80, which has WiFi capabilities, will enable users to make cheap calls to landlines and other mobile phone users.

Nokia N80 customers will have to download, install, and configure the Gizmo Project plugin to start making calls. Gizmo site gives a very detailed explanation of the steps needed to get started. Once you are able to connect to the service using your Gizmo account, you will have complete access to your Gizmo contacts from your mobile phone. From there on you either make calls to landlines and mobile phones based on rates for the location you are calling or make free calls to SIP phone number and other Gizmo users.

I think if 2 users on either end having Gizmo client on their mobiles should be able to make calls for free. I will still try to confirm whether this is possible or not.

However unlike Fring, which uses mobile data network to enable free calling, Nokia N80 works on WiFi connection. So anytime you want to make cheap international calls, grab a cup of starbucks coffee or get back to your home quickly.

Gizmo Project had earlier partnered with Nokia to offer its service to Nokia 770 users about which I had written before.

Fring enables free mobile calls
Gizmo Project on Nokia 770

Gizmo VoIP
Nokia N80


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