Yahoo Mail and IM on Nokia phones

Yahoo and Nokia have entered into partnership to provide Yahoo Mail and Messenger service to Nokia users. Besides the email and IM capabilities, customers having Nokia phones based on the Series 40 platform will also be able to synchronize their Yahoo contacts, tasks and calendar on the PC and phone. Nokia phones that will initially support these Yahoo services include Nokia 6300, 5300 XpressMusic and 5200.

I think the email part of the service will operate in a similar manner to Blackberry messaging platform where new messages are stored locally on the  device to enable offline access to messages.

Yahoo has been pretty active in the mobile area lately setting up partnerships and launching products to gain early ground. Among other deals, Yahoo had recently launched it’s advertising platform to deliver ads on Yahoo Mobile and signed agreement with DoCoMo to provide search capabilities to it’s mobile customers.



22 Responses to “Yahoo Mail and IM on Nokia phones”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » MySpace mobile for Cingular mobile soon Says:

    […] Everyone seems to be gearing up for the mobile space. We already have couple of deals in the video space done by Youtube and Revver. Besides this, Bebo is teaming up with O2 in UK. Google is laying out plans for its Web OS with Orange. Microsoft is working on its own deals and launching products for mobiles. Yahoo is working towards mobile ads and other services. Besides this we number of startups looking to steal customer attention on the tiny screen including 4info, and Admob. […]

  2. James lak Says:

    I hav been using yahoo mail thru my phone for 4 months. But the new yahoo mail beta is failing me. When logging in, its tell me no gateway reply and i hav not been able to check my mail. Im in uganda. I advise the older version be brought back, or new one be revised.

  3. Eugene Says:

    My sentiments are similar to those of James. Im from Kenya and have used Yahoo Mail on my phone previously since 2006. But yahoo mail beta has always failed me with the message: “no gateway reply”. Yahoo needs revert to the older version until they can sort out all the issues with Beta..

  4. Becky Says:

    Its so annoying.,this no gateway reply thing! Ive bn accessing my mail without any problem, mail beta is not working, Pls help, meanwhile revert to the previous mail access route

  5. Azam Says:

    Please help me how I can check my Yahoo Emails in this New Yahoo Beta thing through my Nokia 3100 cell phone. Thanks a lot.

  6. Azam Says:

    Is there any way that I could check my Yahoo Emails on my NOKIA 3100 Phone?

  7. Grace Lule Says:

    I need to read my email using my mobile phone.

  8. Yugis Says:

    When I try to my my email using wagon mail beta it replies me no gateway reply!
    I think the older version of yahoo mail should be reused.

  9. Yugis Says:

    When I try to my my email using wagon mail beta it replies me no gateway reply!
    What will I do to check my mail.

  10. Jane Says:

    Why can I browse my mail using my Nokia 6300. For the last four months I used the phone without any problem but for the last two weeks I have been having problems on login in as am getting “No gateway reply” what could be the problem and yet am able to visit other site. Can someone explain to me am bored coz I cant check my mail. JK Kenya

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  12. papy mbiola Says:

    mon telephone refuse l’ouverture de ma boite sur yahoo nokia9300

  13. Anthony Says:

    I posses Nokia 3110c but can’t get through to Yahoo mail. Does this device have this feature? If YES, what should i do?

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