Ring2 on Blackberry lets you control your conference calls

, which provides audio conferencing services to companies, has developed a Blackberry client to help it’s users have a better control over their conference calls.

The typical service set offered by Ring2 provides each user with a personal virtual dial-in room which is available 24/7. Ring2 also offers integration of  invitation messaging with Outlook and other email applications, recording of calls, and assigning of billing codes, among other features.

On top of this service, Blackberry owners can get the Ring2 client installed on their mobile and organize their meetings in a much more efficient and secure manner. The mobile client displays all the participants who have joined the meeting in real-time, and you also notified through SMS/email when the first participants join the call. No more need to ask the dumb question- “Hi! Who just joined?”. You can also be sure that no one is snooping on your conversation. Besides this you can add new participants to your call from your PC by just clicking on the phone number in any application on your PC or from the Blackberry address book. You can also easily mute or drop those noisy participants from your call from your mobile.

Given all the smart features, the service is offered for a low one-time setup rate of $15/user. Ring2 is planning to move on to offer the service on Window Mobile and Symbian mobiles early next. Personally I feel that Ring2 offers a real value added service for a small price.




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