ClickStar to offer downloadable Indi Movies

From December 15th ClickStar will open its doors to enable users to download independent movies on the same day as they are released. ClickStar which has been in making for quite sometime now is founded by Revelations Entertainment, the production company headed by Morgan Freeman in partnership with Intel Corporation. As per the site, ClickStar users will be able to view full-screen high-fidelity films both from their big screen TVs and via their laptops.

As part of the launch, starting December 15, people will be able to download Morgan Freeman’s low-budget movie, “10 Items or Less”. There is no word on pricing of the movies as of now.

I am not sure how ClickStar will compete with offerings from XBox Video Marketplace, Apple iTV, and Amazon UnBox. They should have something more to offer than just a movie purchase+download service.

 Other players in this area include iKlipz, which provides a platform for independent film movie community. Filmmakers can upload their movies only iKlipz which are than made available to viewers in the usual flash format where they can rated and commented on.

Another player whose launch I have been waiting for long time it about which I had written even before I started blogging for real. Jaman is in private beta mode right now and set to launch soon. Jaman will be offering a powerful and secure platform to filmmakers to easily distribute films over the Internet.




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