Klostu – Widgets, Single Sign-on, & more for Bulletin Boards

Among all the attention and focus received by blogs, we conveniently tend to forget that bulletin boards(BBs) and forums still have the most user generated content. BBs have been around for a much longer time and it is estimated that till date there are more than 50 billion posts have been made on BBs, with over 3 billion discussions and there are over 300 million users have registered for BBs on one BB or another.

But as compared to blogs where users can comment without signing up, users are required to register at each and every BB which makes it less glamorous in the Web20 world. So Klostu has set itself up to solve these problems and provide a single sign-on platform to the users. Klostu which officially launches start of next year, comes from Pidgin Technologies which has already product like BoardTracker that enables forum searching, message tracking, and instant alerts system. Given its excellent background in the BB domain, Klostu team started working on developing this new product that aggregates BBs and its members to increase interaction among their users.

Initial drive for Klostu will have to come from the BBs administrators who will have to integrate the Klostu plugin and perform the authentication check using the Klostu API. For every BB having the Klostu plugin, users will be able to access BB using their Klostu login. Also existing BB users will be able to associate their BB userid with their Klostu id. So no more signups and waiting for authentication emails. Just click on ‘Log in with Klostu’ and you are all set to interact. Klostu has already developed plugin for few of the major BBs providers including VBulletin, InvisionPowerBoard, and phpBB.

Besides the single sign-on, user’s profile page at Klostu will become his profile page on each of the BBs he is member of. Klostu has also added social networking aspect as part of the product. All the users will be able to add friends to their network and view all the BBs they have posted on. From one page users will be able to track friends located on different BBs. Needless to say, if you view a members profile you will also be able to view all the BBs he has posted lately. Users will also be able to search for people, discussions, and communities right from their profile. User profile page will also double up as an netvibes like homepage service where users will be able to add widgets for RSS feeds, comment box, and more.

Klostu has already done deals with number of major BB and will make official announcements in January. Klostu will be looking to monetize it’s services based on advertising and providing premium features like 3D avatars.

BBs might not sound jazzy as compared to blogs but still have major chunk of content on internet. Features and market aside, Klostu powers a software market which has been around for a long time and has lot of arcane code beyond the top BB players to make implementation even more difficult. I really appreciate the team of 6 techies at Pidgin based out of Israel taking up the challenge.

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