Google readies Radio Ads for launch

Google Adwords team put an end to speculation regarding radio advertising today when they announced that they have started rolling out audio ads through select group of Adwords advertisers. Earlier this year in January, Google had bought privately held radio advertising company dMarc for $102 million in cash. The deal also involved additional payout for the next 3 years by Google for product integration, revenue, and advertising targets are met with the maximum amount that can be payed out is $1.136 billion.

For advertisers participating the private beta, a new ‘Audio Ads’ tab will show up in their Google Adwords account. Advertiser will be able to create radio campaigns by uploading their audio files and target customers by location, station type, day of the week, and time of day. As in the regular AdWords case, advertiser will be able to view access reports for their campaigns from their Adwords account. Again Google is partnering with number of radio stations to build its Ad broadcasting platform.

Yesterday Google had entered an partnership for TV advertising through a tie-up with BSkyB in UK. BSkyB would be launching an online, user-generated video-sharing site, e-mail service and a search portal all powered by Google technology at the backend.

Since Google is already on the path of Ad world domination, can we get AdWords for our Feeds and Podcasts?



2 Responses to “Google readies Radio Ads for launch”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » New Google targets - Video Games & Digital Billboards Says:

    […] Adscape delivers dynamic ads to on-line enabled game platforms like xBox, and Sony PS3. Adscape platform doesn’t seem to be an automated system similar to Google Adwords where advertisers can just sign up and start displaying their ads. Currently it takes less than a week to integrate Adscape’s AdverPlay™ API into a typical game. For Google it will another platform to deliver ads besides its existing plays in Web, Radio, Video, Newsprint, and TV. Most likely this buyout will also result in another integration into Google’s Adwords platform in the same fashion as Radio ads were introduced recently. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Radio Ads stumbles; dMarc founders leave Says:

    […] It was only near the end of last year that Google had started rolling out radio ads through select publishers and has also been in talks with CBS to get  ads on radio. Off course Google claims that it will still continue with the Radio Ads program but it has to seen what will be impact of these changes on the Google’s Radio Ads time-to-market plan. […]

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