DaWanda Launches – Marketplace for customized products

DaWanda has launched its customized and handmade products market place targeted at European customers. DaWanda, bootstrapped by 3 friends based out of Berlin, Germany, offers similar experience as Etsy

DaWanda enables browsing of products by Tags, Colours, Materials, Techniques, and categories. Users can tag, rate, comment, add to pinboard any of these products. DaWanda team seems to working hard to provide a well thought UI to enhance customer experience. I especially like the workflow, similar to GAP web site, where items get added to your cart without you getting pushed onto a new page or the page getting refreshed. I also like the ability to add people to your pinboard which provides a social aspect to the site.

From the seller side, each DaWanda user can setup his/her own shop. You can easily list, view, edit your products, add up to 4 images for each listing, and review your orders, messages, and feedback. DaWanda is currently not charging any fee for listing your products, but charges 5% commission on the sales price of the item sold. This charge is higher as compared to  Etsy which  is charging $0.20 as listing fee and 3.5% fee on the final sale price of the item.

Although the site is currently focused at German community, DaWanda has developed the English version as well. DaWanda will be looking to expand to other EU countries early next year. They are also working on developing application that will automatically load items from catalogue, web site, and files. DaWanda will have to work really hard on building the social side of the site, which can lead to a richer and active marketplace.



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